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A Parade and a Perp: A Beach Hill Cozy Mystery - Book 1
by Mina Allan

Andrea Biscotti has a lot to juggle: She's helping pop star Madison Beech move into her newly-renovated Beach Hill estate and prepping her family's rental cottages for the start of the summer seasonjust a few days before Beach Hill's annual Memorial Day Boat Parade. When Andrea's cousin and cottage handyman Ricky doesn't show up at a family birthday party, Andrea is annoyed. The morning after the party, the body of a local art dealer is found floating in the harbor. The prime murder suspect? Ricky. Andrea believes he's innocent, and starts looking into Ricky's whereabouts the night of the murder.

But as the evidence mounts, Ricky looks more and more guilty, even to Andrea.

And as members of Madison's team arrive in Beach Hillespecially AJ, the hot IT guyAndrea keeps tossing more and more balls in the air. She finds respite in Didi's Tea Shoppe, but still has to keep Beach Hill Realty up and running while solving the mystery.

Andrea must prove her cousin's innocence, identify the real killer, make sure Madison's house is move-in ready, and greet her guests with fresh towels and a smileall before Boat Parade Weekend kicks off.

Set sail for Beach Hill today by picking up A Parade and a Perp at to support your local indie bookstore, and at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your favorite online bookseller. Available in paperback and ebook.

The Willow
by Wendy M. McDonald

What do you do when the worst thing in the world actually happens?



What do you do when you can’t face the truth?



What if there’s no escape?

Break everything and start over.


Kirsten Madsen’s sister, Astrid, is the victim of a school shooter. As the town rages and grieves, Kirsten just wants to escape… to a world where Astrid never died. Where they can grow up as sisters. Where they can both watch the willow tree they planted together reach its full potential. But there are some things you can’t outrun…


This gripping and powerful novel about love and grief—and the lengths our psyches go to when protecting us from trauma—will have readers gasping with each twist, and rooting for Kirsten to become whole again.


Debut author Wendy M. McDonald explores the lives we are dealt, the lives we wish we had, and how we can face the truth in this searing psychological drama.

The Willow is available now both in print and as an ebook. Order it from to support your local indie bookstore, or from Barnes & Noble or Amazon

How to Ruin Your Life in 140 Characters or Less
by G. J. Crespo

How far would you go to protect your friends?


JT Monahan wants nothing more than to get out of small-town Appleton, Massachusetts. Just one more month of high school and then it’s on to California and Stanford University. The road ahead is clear until his girlfriend, Maddie, insults a teacher via JT’s Twitter account. Social media bully Maddie is one nasty tweet away from getting expelled, so JT takes the fall for her poor choices. It’s just a week of in-school suspension. No big deal.

But JT didn’t count on a vengeful teacher who wants to make an example of him by crushing his dreams of leaving town. Things get worse when JT’s neighbor, Helen, reluctantly agrees to help him make amends and her actions land her in front of a disciplinary board. Feeling guilty, JT hatches a desperate plan to save his future and

absolve a very angry Helen. But desperation usually leads to bad decisions…


How to Ruin Your Life in 140 Characters or Less is about good intentions gone awry and bad choices that bite you in the butt. But mostly, it’s about doing the right thing for the right person when it really matters.

Desperation leads to bad decisions, but YOU won't regret ordering How to Ruin Your Life in 140 Characters or Less—available now from Amazon as an ebook, and in paperback from Amazon or your favorite local bookstore. 

Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Conversations About Writing
by Erin Dionne
Bad Choices New Cover.jpg

Being a writer can mean navigating a lonely and confusing path. Bad Choices can help make the road a little easier.

Is this a craft book? Encouragement and support for those who are stuck or feeling as though they don’t have what it takes? A meditation on why write in the first place?


Yes to all of those things.

Bad Choices Make Good Stories is a collection of essays about craft, revision, and the community and struggles that go along with the writing life. Author Erin Dionne has taught writing for over two decades, has published seven novels and two picture books, and shares her experience--peppered with a healthy dose of humor--with readers in this honest and funny collection.

Find Bad Choices Make Good Stories at to support your local indie bookstore, and at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your favorite online bookseller. Available in paperback and ebook.


Make Bad Choices your good choice today! 


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