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About Wendy M. McDonald

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In her Young Adult novel The Willow, debut author Wendy M. McDonald explores the lives we are dealt, the lives we wish we had, and how we can face the truth in this searing psychological drama.


To learn more about Wendy, and for information about the anthologies which include her poetry for children and short fiction (not for children!), please visit her website here

The Willow

What do you do when the worst thing in the world actually happens?



What do you do when you can’t face the truth?



What if there’s no escape?

Break everything and start over.

Kirsten Madsen’s sister, Astrid, is the victim of a school shooter. As the town rages and grieves, Kirsten just wants to escape… to a world where Astrid never died. Where they can grow up as sisters. Where they can 

both watch the willow tree they planted together reach its full potential. But there are some things you can’t outrun…


This gripping and powerful novel about love and grief—and the lengths our psyches go to when protecting us from trauma—will have readers gasping with each twist, and rooting for Kirsten to become whole again.

The Willow is available now both in print and as an ebook. Order it from to support your local indie bookstore, or from Barnes & Noble or Amazon

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